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Binge-worthy Netflix picks for May 2020

If you’re anything like me, you have already exhausted Netflix’s library during lockdown and you’re patiently waiting for something new to watch. Luckily for us, the start of a new month coincides with Netflix’s monthly drop of new releases.

Here’s what’s new to Netflix for May 2020.

Con movies to keep you con-ing back for more

I thought I’d treat you to a genre extravaganza, where I round up the best gems of each movie genre. This is the first instalment so what better way to get you started, than jump right into things head first with a sub-genre you might not usually think of – con movies!

You can live vicariously through each and every one of these characters as they lie, cheat and steal to get to the top. Hilarity and general debauchery ensues – enjoy!

Here are my top picks to keep you con-ing back for more.

Smile-worthy COVID-19 content watches

The old saying that there is a silver lining in every grey cloud, might be more than just a cliché – COVID-19 is the biggest, baddest and greyest cloud of them all and proves that there might just be a bit of good in everything. During this time of uncertainty, we have come together and supported one another. We have seen how laughter has brought connection and peace throughout the world. Celebrities have come out in force to share the LOLs and YouTube has our back, hosting an abundance of fun videos. So get amongst it!

Here are the best things on YouTube that have come out of the COVID-19 crisis.

Don’t burst your self-isolation bubble fighting over what to watch, as I share my fail-safe film options

Being in lockdown has us all fighting over the remote. The adults want intriguing and thought-provoking; while the kids want fun, cute and cuddly. Have no fear, *dons superhero cape* I have you covered with my list of the best Disney movies to watch as a family – adults can enjoy the engrossing storylines while kids can ogle over the funny cartoon characters.

Here are the best movie picks on Disney + to please the whole family.

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