Don’t burst your self-isolation bubble fighting over what to watch, as I share my fail-safe film options

By Shannon McDonald
20 April 2020

Being in lockdown has us all fighting over the remote. The adults want intriguing and thought-provoking; while the kids want fun, cute and cuddly. Have no fear, *dons superhero cape* I have you covered with my list of the best Disney movies to watch as a family – adults can enjoy the engrossing storylines while kids can ogle over the funny cartoon characters.

Here are the best movie picks on Disney + to please the whole family. 

Finding Nemo (2003)

The original pioneer in the underwater mystery/comedy genre, Finding Nemo is an emotional rollercoaster. Highly underrated with its twists and turns, this ingenious story about a desperate father longing to find his lost son could easily be confused for an M. Night Shyamalan suspenseful blockbuster. It is bucket-list worthy watching; however, stay well away if you or the little ones are scared of the dentist or seagulls. 

Honourable mention goes to Finding Dory; the exception to the rule of sequels being completely intolerable compared to the original. Need I say more? 

Finding Nemo Trailer

Inside Out (2015)

If you’re anything like me, I like a good tear-jerker and this movie will hit you right in the feels. Emotions such as joy, sadness and anger are personified and depicted as fun, relatable characters. It is both enlightening and fun – what more could you want in a movie? 

Ok, so admittedly this one might be more for the adults as it tackles some pretty complex themes and is essentially a free therapy session – but the charismatic pink elephant Bing Bong will definitely keep the kids entranced and who knows, it might be educational and worthwhile too. 

Inside Out Trailer

The Lion King (1994)

Hey all you cool cats and kittens, don’t get this one confused with the whirlwind crazy docuseries Tiger King. This 1994 classic is actually based on Shakespeare’s Hamlet. That means you can grab your finest pinot noir, snuggle up in your highest thread count Egyptian cotton sheets and feel fancy enjoying this Shakespearean tale of hierarchy and family values. You’ll feel cultured having watched a timeless narrative dripping in rich history, and the kids will love the cute lion cubs and farting warthog. Can’t get enough? Check out the 2019 live action version too!

The Lion King (1994 vs 2019) Trailer

Up (2009)

If you still manage to have any leftover tissues, you can put them to use with this tear-jerker. This is a seriously heartfelt, warm-fuzzy kind of movie. Widower Carl sets out on an adventure with the charmingly optimistic Russell, in search of his late wife’s dreamland. Carl’s whimsical development from grumpy old man to bubbly and enthusiastic is captivating. This movie is the definition of nostalgia for many of us, so what better way to share the source of such joy than to watch it with your loved ones? 

Up Trailer

Moana (2016)

A young woman discovers her inner potential as a fearless heroine, bravely setting sail to save her family’s island while discovering hidden gems and cultural secrets along the way. If you’re still not sold on this wholesome story – it also stars Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson as Maui, a demigod who possesses shapeshifting powers. I can’t make this stuff up, so be sure to butter that popcorn and get comfy for this sweet family-friendly flick. 

Moana Trailer

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