Smile-worthy COVID-19 content watches

By Shannon McDonald
20 April 2020

The old saying that there is a silver lining in every grey cloud, might be more than just a cliché – COVID-19 is the biggest, baddest and greyest cloud of them all and proves that there might just be a bit of good in everything. During this time of uncertainty, we have come together and supported one another. We have seen how laughter has brought connection and peace throughout the world. Celebrities have come out in force to share the LOLs and YouTube has our back, hosting an abundance of fun videos. So get amongst it! 

Here are the best content watches that have come out of the COVID-19 crisis. 

The Little Tiny Quiz of the Lockdown 

This quiz series is a sure-fire boredom buster! If you miss your weekly quiz night, then this is the next hottest invitation. Test your general knowledge and have some laughs along the way. Jimmy Carr brings his usual charming and controversial humour, so grab a pen and paper and get those brain juices flowing! 

With the lack of live sports, who knows – the blokiest members of your bubble might want to join in too to let off some competitive steam.

The Little Tiny Quiz of the Lockdown with Jimmy Carr

Taskmaster ‘s #HomeTasking

Greg Davies and Alex Horne provide non-stop LOLs with this interactive comedy series. Inspired by their successful television series, Taskmaster’s new web-series is a user generated activity-based phenomenon. They call upon the public to film themselves conducting ridiculous daily tasks (such as creating the best dancing elephant from household items). They then round up all the best clips into a video montage and you guessed it – hilarity ensues!

Most of the tasks are closed now, but if you did want to submit an entry you might be in luck as they are still posting daily tasks (as of writing 20 April 2020). 

Taskmaster’s #HomeTasking

Bright Minded Instagram Live Show with Miley Cyrus 

Move over Joe Exotic – Miley Cyrus brings us the latest in mullet-fuelled entertainment. This show emerged from Miley’s desire to connect with her fans during COVID-19 lockdown as she discusses “how to stay LIT in dark times”. If you like food and dogs, you will like Miley’s talk-show host debut. It seriously packs a punch with thought-provoking interviews and unforgettably funny antics. Chuck in some footage of Paris Hilton struggling to use a camera while being interviewed and your next binge session is sorted! This show is hosted on Miley’s Instagram, but is uploaded to her YouTube channel for your binge-watching pleasure. 

Bright Minded with Miley Cyrus

Keen for some more entertaining content? Check out the latest and greatest in entertainment.

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