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Cat boredom busters

By Shannon McDonald
23 April 2020

Cats just seem to play, eat, sleep and repeat. Mix things up with my cat boredom busters.

Entice them with a square on the ground

The section of the internet dedicated to cats tells us that cats are easily enticed by squares on the ground. But why? Why is it so alluring? I decided to get to the bottom of it and test this one with Maple, my ever so adorable flat-cat.

She was in a very playful mood and would not sit still, so we had to wait for her to tire herself out before she was willing to entertain the strange humans putting tape on the carpet. An hour or so had passed and then a miracle happened – Maple did her four legged ancestors proud and sat in the square!

Its no secret that cats like to crawl in small spaces – often climbing under the bed or behind the fridge. They are imaginative creatures, and its almost like they are pretending to be inside a box and are able to envision walls around them. This comes as no surprise because Maple climbs into any box she can get her paws on! Give it a go with your cat at home!

Build them a castle

Cats are basically royalty (or they should be), so why not honour them with their very own castle to call home? As we’ve established, cats are fiends for small spaces so if you have any cardboard boxes lying around, hop to it and start crafting a purr-fect palace.

We Built The World’s Greatest Cat Fort – BuzzFeed Video

Strap a camera on them

Want to find out what your cat gets up to when its not napping or eating?

They are literally born for parkour, the way they are able to jump fences and roofs without a second thought. If you don’t believe me, check out the footage below:

Cat takes GoPro for a walk

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